Monday, January 21, 2013

Sandy Hook, Witness - ALL Four Doors of Car Opened at entrance of Sandy Hook. Proves... multiple people got out of the car (shooters) - Raw Helicopter footage

This witness said she walked up to the school and saw ALL FOUR doors of black hatchback in the drop off area were opened.  She said she then saw broken glass at the door... then it was quiet and then she heard shooting and then she saw kids come out in a single file..

If all four doors are opened... then that would mean there were multiple shooters.  One person is not going to open all the doors to get their stuff.  They would have to open maybe one but not 4.  Why did the police close the doors of a obviously very important piece of evidence of the crime scene?

Her story does not make sense over all... she says she saw her son exit the building with his teacher and she waited for him to come to her.  (me... I would be running to my child thrilled to see her... not wait for her to come to me)

Listen to the father, but weird that Katie says at the 3:20 mark when beginning to speak to the father "Your wife was okay."  WTF?  Why not "Your child was okay?"  She didn't ask about his son.  Also the father then says..... "Barbara (wife) was okay."  He doesn't mention his son!

Why did they mess with the scene and change it before it is completely investigated?  Why didn't they mention 2 items of clothing on the ground around the vehicle?

Notice the helicopter pilot says "No children, possibly keeping them inside the building and away from the building."  Weird he says inside but away in the same sentence..

Now WHAT is bizarre about the parking lot of Sandy Hook?

Here are two pictures I captured from the Raw Helicopter footage above... Notice something that is really ODD??????  What do you see about the lot.... the first row of cars, closest to the school.... do you see it?   answer below pictures.....

Did you see how every single car in the first row is parked facing the school as if every single person backed into that space.  What are the odds that every person would back in?  It is another oddity of the whole set up.


  1. The cars parked facing the school appear to have been parked first one row then another, possibly by a person directing parking. There also seems to be many similar cars/vans.

  2. Those are probably parents cars or school offical cars that came after the shooting and let in one by one and directed how to park by officers. Nothing too suspicious unless they were there before the shooting.

    The first video disturbs me becuase no lone gunman would leave open four doors and leave them open and also take off two sweaters. How can they say a lone gunman did this with a straight face?

    You need to check out the Sandy Hook Hoax Exposed video part 2. He has some new evidence of actors and charity date stuff you can add here.

  3. Check out this video, slam dunk evidence of actors.

  4. Anonymous 4:26 AM. All other videos show multitudes of chaotically parked cars around the fire station, down the street and close to the school, after the alleged shooting. No one was directing traffic, even the ambulances were hedged in. As you said the organized arrangement of cars would not be suspicious, unless they were there before the alleged shooting. If these were all cars belonging to the teachers, they would not be so orderly. Look at the people just walking around the school. If this were actually video footage of only a drill scenario, that would make the organized parking of cars understandable. For the participants in a drill would likely have a parking attendant direct their parking. An authentic drill would have to be accomplished efficiently, according to specified procedures. That is why government agencies demand to-the-letter performance. More departmental funding as well as promotional advancement being motivational factors. Since this is just opinion, I can't prove any of it with facts.

  5. If this is really an elementary school, why is there no playground? I've looked on google earth, and the only playground I could find is at a building adjacent the school, but the children would have to follow a path through the woods to get to it.... I'm thinking the adjacent building is the real elementary school. I've not seen an elementary school yet without a playground for a recess!

  6. The parking doesn't look all that unusual. Those are the faculty cars, and its the same people coming in every day, so instead of driving around to find spots, everyone just pulls all the way into the forward slot. I'll bet that they all parked in the same spots every morning too.

  7. Well, I just killed my own guess ^me^. I looked at google earth to check out the playground situation another commenter mentioned. The playground is plain as day at the south east side of the school. A basketball half-court is to the south west, and a baseball field complete with bleachers to the east. The google earth pick I'm seeing right now actually appears to have been taken during recess. There are people at the playscape. My guess about how the faculty may have parked is refuted by the google pic, which has cars parked every which way in that row.

    1. Yes I looked on Google Earth for both the playground area and I looked at the other elementary schools there to compare them. They all seemed equal in playground equipment. I also noticed the cars on Google earth and noticed they were parked in different directions too.

  8. dude are you kidding me? you said look all the cars in the front row are backed in actually its the second row , the first row has 4 cars in it. but anyways how is that weird at all? obviously if you are parking in the front their are NO cars in the parking space behind so you pull up your car facing the school. lol you dont have to back in to anything you just pull right up and the when that row is filled people pull up in the spots behind.

    Come on now alot of your stuff of oddities are not odd at all. YOU ARE OVER ANALYZING EVERY DAMN THING! You make us look crazy with some of your posts! like this one about the cars! Take these non-nonsensical posts down and keep up the real inconsistencies and stories! please!