Saturday, January 26, 2013

Raw Helicopter Footage of Sandy Hook Firehouse. Shows people are recycling in and out of the building as they walk around it.

There is raw helicopter footage and when I was watching it I noticed how the people would walk to the front of the building and take a right, then disappear back into the building.    This video proves without a doubt that all those people at the firehouse were recycling in and out.  Besides there were never 1800 people around there any way.  The fact that there were no children except for a handful in the video says something too.

This video has the clips from the main raw helicopter footage of the people recycling in and out of the building.  There is a picture of a tweet from a reporter showing people at the firehouse at 8:36 am, one hour before the shooting.

Here is the Full Raw Helicopter footage that I captured the recycling of the people.


  1. at the 8:15ish mark, what is in the back of the one car? People?

  2. I think this footage has been edited because there is a lady in a red jacket waving one arm in two of the recycles. The two before you point out the "father in the same jacket". I'm not saying YOU edited it, but look at those two recycles and you will see what I mean. She waves her arm then turns the corner around the cars. I think that part of the footage is a repeat, and if it really was all raw footage with no edits it is unlikely she would be there twice doing the same arm gesture exactly the same way.

  3. To be more precise, I'm referring to the helicopter footage of the fire house. 4:02 and 4:32. Same lady with the red jacket making the same wave of her arm then turning right, and in fact you comment on her the second time.

    Either the "raw" footage you got has a replay in it, i.e. it was edited before you got it, or this is a replay done by you for emphasis?

    1. I say in the video I was replaying it, to show it again in how they are recycling in the Firehouse.

    2. Ah, okey dokey. It still is bizarre in a way, especially if the time stamp on the tweet is accurate. I have heard, though, that time stamps on things like FB and tweets can be off - just not sure how much by, or under what circumstances, or whether that assertion was just a lame attempt to squash inquiry.

      So, I wonder did they plant people to live in the town as sleeper agents? That actor guy Gene whatsisname who is fighting you on FB/youtube is a good example. Either he is this poor embattled guy, or he's actively participating in disinformation. I would say the latter, because of that video of him rehearsing his lines.

      But, who keeps leaking this footage of people rehearsing their lines and getting pumped up? Is it some brave whistleblower or is it the gov trying to whip up something?

      As for me, I think it's probable that real kids died, with the possible exception of that Emily kid whose father was getting pumped up on camera.

      One alternative is that no kids died, and they're all in the witness protection program or something. Perhaps the prospect of not seeing their kids again is making the parents toe the line.

      To protect the videos you are linking to, put them as a torrent, and then it would be almost impossible for the censors to get rid of them, once enough people had the torrent seeds. That would be free.

      Keep up the good work.

  4. Hi Sherrie, I saw a youtube video that shows Gene Rosen works for FEMA. Here is the Link to the Fema website. It has a picture of Gene handing out FEMA literature.