Sunday, January 27, 2013

Proof The government and media told us in advance Sandy Hook was a Hoax

Remember that those who try and control all aspects of the world and people have to tell us in advance what will happen and what the truth is.  That fact has been proven by all the investigations  people did after 9/11.  People found that they had told us in "plane sight" what would be happening.  This may seem "out there" for those who are not familiar with that fact.  But all you have to do is a little research and find that the "elite" have to put out to the public what the truth is before hand due to their own "karma."

 If you understand the way those who try and control operate then you understand why they created the hoax in Sandy Hook, N.J. It had the same name and they had to put out the information of Sandy Hook being a hoax ahead of time. It is exactly the type of thing they did in advance of 9/11. Doesn't matter N.J.... why did they constantly use Sandy Hook as the land reference. 

Here is all the information and proof on video.


Here are all the links of the information in the video about the Hoax
mother at school...describes the shot up classroom


  1. Good site Sherrie....

    And now we are 6 weeks out and not a word about the investigation. The perp is dead, so is his mother, it was "decided" long ago that there was only one shooter, so there is no one else to find and there will be no trial. Weren't we told by that Conn state trooper via the media that they were going to prosecute those that were putting out alternative explainations because this may interfer with their "comprehensive investigation"? So how long does an investigation take where there will be no trial, the perp and supporting person (mother) are dead and there are no other suspects?

    This says so much on its own.

    I think it is possible that they stepped in it massively and didn't expect that so many would see through this fraud so quickly and get militant about it. As such, they are just going to "ignore" the whole thing in hopes that people will just forget about all the inconvient details that don't make sense. Bringing up the details of the actual incident again could provoke more inquisition. Can't have that. In place of speaking about the results of the investigation they will just keep banging on gun confiscation 24/7 to such an extent that they hope that people will get so wrapped up fighting on that issue that they won't even remember to ask about the investigation. And so far, sad to say, that strategy seems to be working.

  2. "End The Life Of Adam" the enforcer whispered...

    Berkowitz x Oswald = Adam Lanza

  3. the whole thing is hoax Sherry , i totally agree . 1600 parents , 600 other students ? wherer are they ? the whole faculty ? where are they ? the 'bus drivers' where are they ? where is EVERYONE from this 'school' ? where are the towns people ? this was for sure s fals flag event . i cant beleive the dopey American peole are so dam stupid . very frustrating , disgusting how they are so unbelievably stupid . lots of great stuff here , i have done about 40 hours of research and i say its all a HOAX , ALL ACTORS .any one they have interviewed has been confirmed an actor .

  4. A Mr. Jesse Lewis said on T.V. today(3-28-13), that assualt rifles have no place on our streets, I agree, unless there is a war, and that happens to be exactly what the 2nd Amendment to the U.S. Constitution is talking about: WAR. "A well regulated Militia", what do you think militias do, play tiddledywinks? That is what militias do, they go to war. Remember the "Minute Men", the Butcher, the Baker, and the Candlestick maker, who grabbed their powder, shot, and mustkets and ran off to defend our freedom at Concord? "being necessary to the security of a free state", you either defend the free state or you don't, if you don't you become a slave. You can't defend freedom with a shotgun, or a hunting rife, you defend a free state with most modern arms possible, and that my friends are ASSUALT RIFLES! At anyone time in the history of this world there is always someone planning to take our freedoms form us, and those who wrote the U.S. constitution new this, this is why they entered the 2nd Amendment to the constitution, so that the people, not the government military, but the people would have the right to keep and bear arms. Bear arms against what? To go hunting, shoot for sport, guard our houses. No none of this mentioned in the 2nd Amendment, it says we are to keep and bear arms against those who would take our freedoms from us. The U.S. Government, which are composed of the biggest bunch of thieves world as every known, have been trying for a long time to disarm us. All evil governments want to disarm the people, they so far have not been able to do accomplish this.

    Does this mean I have no feelings for those killed at Sandy Hook, and other places? No, quite to the contary, something needs to be done, but banning weapons is not the answer. The answer I believe is that we must rebuild schools so that the crazies can't get in. This of course will cost money, the money for this is being squandered in Afghanistan, a war that has absolutely nothing to do with the United States. The American people need to wake up and vote into office people who work for America, but I don't have much hope for that.

  5. This is my offering:

    1. What would be Lanza's motive?

    2. Did Lanza have an official diagnosis of some kind? All we have heard is hearsay.

    3. We know the school had a camera at the door, was he caught on tape shooting his way into the school and where is the film now?

    4. How did he get his brother Ryan's ID, if he hadn't seen him in the two years prior to the shooting?

    5. Why was the suspect caught in the woods initially reported to be Adam Lanza, and then Ryan Lanza and then a distraught father and now an off duty swat officer all in the course of one month's time?

    6. How did a scrawny young man shoot and kill so many people with such accuracy in such a short time span without leaving more people wounded, shooting through walls, breaking windows, etc.?

    7. Why did the police initially report that only handguns were used in the shooting and then later change the story to only an assault rifle was used?

    8. Why were emergency responders, who came to assist, turned away at the scene?

    9. Why did school nurse, Sally Cox, tell reporters that Adam's mother Nancy was a wonderful Kindergarten teacher at Sandy Hook when in fact Nancy had no connection to the school whatsoever and was never a teacher of any kind?

    10. What's up with Gene Rosen's many inconsistent and odd stories about helping students from Sotos' classroom?

    11. Why was there no true, live video footage of the other 600 students evacuating the building?

    12. How did the Newtown Bee manage to interview the Principal of the school in the aftermath of the shooting if she was the first person killed?

    13. Why was there aerial camera footage on CNN saying that they were reporting from Sandy Hook when they really were not at Sandy Hook?

    14. Why did Lanza destroy his computer's hard drive if he was just going to kill himself at the sound of sirens anyway?

    15. How do we 'know' Lanza's mother was murdered and by him?

    16. Why were the parents not given the option to view their children's bodies? And why were the parents OK with this?

    17. How do so many parents interviewed on camera manage to not shed a single tear while talking about their murdered child? Not one tear? It's plausible that some people would not shed tears but it's not plausible that everyone would not shed tears.

    18. Why was Victoria Soto's FB memorial page set up 4 days prior to the shooting?

    19. Who sets up a donation page on FB prior to even knowing if one's child is alive, wounded, or dead (Parker family)?

    20. Why were the bodies removed in the middle of the night?

    21. Why was the car that supposedly belonged to Adam Lanza's mothers (and the one with the weapon in the trunk) registered to a convicted felon who was unrelated to the the Lanza's (with photos of it on a trailer available?)

    22. How did the shooter (s) enter the building when in fact the CT law enforcement said they had to shoot their way in through the front door.

    23. In this age of cellphone technology, how is there are no photos or videos by citizen reporters available?

  6. You people should be ashamed of yourselves. Not for your ignorance, as that can't be held against you, but for your heartless comments. Alien conspiracies, Government conspiracies, those are harmless ideas & theories that Stoners discuss while doing the "puff & pass". But to take this tragedy, and those innocent lives lost, and use them as "proof" of a conspiracy makes you despicable. I'm not even gonna get into your "evidence". I pray that you have a real job somewhere, because your investigative skills leave alot to be desired. And last, but not least, when Karma catches up with you, give her a high-five from me. IDIOTS.

  7. You wanna talk junk about biased reports, and people hiding the truth, but you have to "approve" comments before they are published?! Talk about biased?! If you're so sure of your so called "facts" and "research", why do you feel the need to censor those who question you????? HYPOCRITE

    1. Easy on why I moderate comments. There are constant Spam comments and I do not allow violent or crude comments that call for death and use foul language. So call me what you want, it is simply smart, so I don't get my blog shut down or viruses in links that people could get from the spam. Otherwise all other comments are published.

  8. I have a friend whose sister dropped off and picked up her daughter from Sandy Hook that morning. Why are some researchers saying the school was closed 2008-2012?